Pentax KP camera hands-on field test

Pentax KP camera ($1,099) hands-on field test from The Camera Store TV:

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  • It LOOKS plasticky, sorry

    • Sakaphoto Graphics

      That really has an effect on the image quality, of course.

    • ZMWT

      No, it doesn’t. I suggest you try it. It is a very solid camera, and made to be more lightweight than other DSLRs, because Ricoh designed it *for use with smaller prime lenses*. Yes, they said that — that is its designed purpose. If it is not for you, it means you are not the target user, and totally do not understand why it was designed like that.

      • The silver/metallic one not the black one looks plasticky, which is a shame. It may not affect image quality as him below states 🙂 but when spending money I want my gear to look equal to what it costs, a £300 camera can look plastic not an expensive one. Shame as I used to own Pentax.

        • Zos Xavius

          The silver editions always look kind of plasticky. They look OK from the front usually and that’s about it. I think the silver KP is actually the nicest silver edition they have done in a while, but that’s me.

  • JGoodard

    Perhaps Ricoh should concentrate on new lens for the time being and put aside the disposable camera concepts for awhile.

  • ZMWT

    TCS acted like total noobs in this review. The bearded guy slammed a foot long zoom on the KP, and then moaned about ‘ergonomics’; they used KP as the K3, despite fact that *Ricoh Imaging explicitly mentioned* KP camera is a *new line*, designed from bottom up to enhance experience with smaller *prime lenses* and to *reduce overall size and weight of such a system*. For their deliberate ignorance, Pentax is made look stupid, like, Pentax team does not know how to make a camera with good ergonomics anymore. TCS delivers new dictionary meaning for *totally ignoring manufacturer’s specs and design* and for *rambling wildly without any sense*. TCS, please continue selling cameras to noobs and never change jobs — you would not last one day as used car salesmen.

    • SimenO

      As a Pentaxian I do agree with TCS. KP looks and feels to plasticy, its too pricey and ISO 800000 is a joke. That aside, ISO 800000 is a joke regardless of brand. Because of physical statistical randomness caused by lack of light, not by the sensor or camera.

      The grip and plastic is subjective so you cant rule that out for TCS or me.

      BTW, KP have the new KAF4 mount and the 55-300mm PLM are specifically designed for KAF4 so its not unnatural to test that combination. The 55-330 are also specifically designed to reduce size to balance it better on cameras like KP.

    • balloonman

      Please tell me where exactly on the Pentax KP site that it states this camera is intended to be used with small prime lenses only?

      Does the KP come with some warning that says it shouldn’t be used with long lenses because it would make Pentax look stupid?

      Or is it more likely that TCS is actually using a DSLR the way most people in the real world would be expected to use a DSLR by, you know, attaching interchangeable lenses to it?

      • ZMWT

        TCS burned their own house down with lack of homework. Did you see their review of Nikon Df? They used retro Nikon Df with a small 50mm prime lens, not 70-200. But they did not use a single small prime lens with Pentax KP, a similar retro camera from Pentax — despite fact that Ricoh stated KP line was made for small lenses! KP is the APS-C version of Nikon Df, with more ideas and accessories. But TCS kisses arse to Nikon, and do their homework well when reviewing Nikons.
        Quote from Ricoh: “PENTAX has a long history of producing high performance yet compact and light-weight cameras. For example, the Limited lens line is a unique series that customers take great pleasure in owning. We wanted to produce a quality compact body that can be a good match for the Limited series lenses.”

        • The KP is not smaller or lighter than a lot of other small and light DSLRs (it’s heavier than a Canon 700D and just 56g lighter than a 70D). Claiming that it should only be used with small primes because Ricoh said it goes well with Limiteds is completely bonkers. If a DSLR doesn’t handle well with a small and lightweight consumer tele-zoom, then that’s a negative, full stop.

          • ZMWT

            Please check with company first. That Was always the manner of civilised reviews in the past, but not of new monkey-wrenching-all-know-tirades that plague world of photography. We are sick of amateur salesmen posing as photography expert video review gods. Even Thom Hogan would do a better review of a Pentax camera.

          • No, a reviewer doesn’t need to check with the manufacturer what kind of lenses they wish to see attached to the camera and which not. This is a DSLR and it comes with a hefty price tag. If a manufacturer wants to artificially limit the applicability of a camera (or simply claim it’s supposed to be used only for X), they are free to do so, but reviewers are free to negatively comment on it. And they DID test the various grips, as they stated in the video. And for the last time, they used a SMALL, slow-aperture, CONSUMER zoom on the KP, not a 70-200.

            You are criticising TCS because you don’t like their conclusions, but the truth is that they are very knowledgable about cameras and generally produce very good, balanced and fair reviews.

          • ZMWT

            They rig their reviews towards the sales efforts they are willing to put into a product, and therefore reviews are distorted. For example, TCS presumes folk will spend more money on Nikon than on Pentax, therefore they review Nikon Df with a kit that was designated so. BUT, they will not review KP with DA35, same kit from *Ricoh’s brochures*, because they presume ‘who will buy Pentax, and DA35 on top anyway’, and then they conclude “I won’t put any effort in this .. folks, buy cheapo K70 with kit lens and be happy!”

  • Joel Schalit

    TCS has taken a real beating for this review. It indulges the pretense of being objective, but is in fact a blatant attack on Pentax for venturing into a brand new line of enthusiast/prosumer DSLRs. Why did you guys post this? The KP deserves better. It’s a great little camera.

    • ZMWT

      TCS deserves it. They reviewed Nikon Df totally differently, and Pentax KP is same retro-styled camera as Nikon Df is. For Nikon Df they used small 50m prime, and for the KP, they smacked on a foot long zoomer in the first half of the review! And never even used dedicated battery grip, which is available for the KP. KP is Pentax version of the Nikon Df, designed with same idea, but with more details and accessories about it.

      • Zos Xavius

        They hated the K-01 too. But that camera had many more faults for sure. Chris either loves or hates something. There isn’t much in between for him. They are generally objective, but I’ve seen reviews where they get pretty hyperfocused on certain negative aspects. They didn’t like the KP. It happens. You can’t win everyone over. I want a K-3 III

  • Camera5

    In the noise of negativity about ergonomics etc., something simple and powerful gets overlooked, this camera takes great looking images.

    • ZMWT

      KP comes with 3 handgrips, and a special battery grip. That is 4 dedicated grips! Nikon Df comes with .. how many?
      TCS blew it, and I suggest you go in b&m camera store, and try KP using your lenses; which means, choose appropriate grips to go with the KP.

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