Pentax camera image stabilization demo

Here is a Pentax camera image stabilization video demo taken by a reader at the 2017 CP+ show (thanks

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  • Yawn

    • TinusVerdino


    • Sakaphoto Graphics

      Have a banana.

  • ZMWT

    This is marvellous; best DSLR sensor stabilisation ever. If Canon or Nikon did this, all bloggers and faux photographers reviewers would be crying hosannas.

    • Kunzite

      I remember seeing such demos from other manufacturers, years ago…

    • 1741

      How did you test them all to get to your conclusion

      • ZMWT

        Because Pentax is the only DSLR company that employs SR.

        • 1741

          Sorry I thought you meant in general as apposed to sensor sr
          It certainly shows that if you’re freezing cold with the shakes you can still get a stable pic or an illness, on a personal note whether body or lenses it’s a feature I don’t need, maybe useful in later life

        • Richard Jackson

          Sony, Panasonic, Olympus all offer this, just minus the flappy mirror…

          And theirs work during video mode too.

  • Richard Jackson

    Make this work in video mode again, and then I’ll really take notice.

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