Rumors: Pentax K-1 will come with a 2 years warranty next week

Pentax is about to announce a new K-1 camera promo deal in the US where K-1 cameras sold will come with a 2 years warranty while the price will remain unchanged (currently the Pentax K-1 comes with a 1-year warranty). This new promo will start next week. Also, Pentax will soon be marketing a new combo “camera and lens kit” featuring the K1 body and the 28-105mm lens for a discount price (see the kit here – it will also include the 2 years K1 warranty).

Via Cameracottage

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  • TinusVerdino

    In the US… In Europe warranty is two years by law.

    • Yes, this is for the US, I will update my post to make it clear.

  • Eli

    It used to 2 years in Canada as well.

  • Spy Black

    Better of they updated the firmware to improve autofocus…

  • Just Click It

    Is combo and warranty special still on this week? Ready to buy.

    • not sure yet, let’s wait and see

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