Additional Pentax KP coverage

Additional Pentax KP coverage:

  • Pentax KP shutter sound comparison with other Pentax DSLR cameras and more hands-on video reports:

Check out also the Pentax KP camera giveaway:

Pentax KP camera giveaway

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  • ZMWT

    Looks like a fantastic new DSLR, unlike those meaningless and formless blobs and piles of plastic coming from the big duopoly.

    • Spy Black

      It’s a certainly a great camera overall, especially if you’re a Pentax APS-C shooter. The only area Pentax is still lagging is in AF, I wish they would up the ante on that, would make them totally killer.

      • ZMWT

        Regarding the AF, main culprit are the lenses. Pentax has no uniform lens tech, it is all over the place, and Ricoh did nothing substantial to consolidate the lineup. However, using of PLM in latest zoom, may sprinkle some hope that (at least) in smaller lenses Pentax may use the PLM, and radically improve AF, and also, video use.

      • M. Sauvage

        I wish Pentax could upgrade its lens lineup. A UWA prime or zoom is badly needed. A 23mm f/1.8 is also something missing

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    What will the secret juju in the K-P be to make those ISO 25600 shots look like my D7200’s ISO 6400’s? I want to see RAW or DNG files! A digital LX (compact, ruggedized, low light champ, with interchangeable grips)?

    • ZMWT

      I saw ISO 25K JPEGs from KP look better than ISO 3200 DNGs of two generations ago, of ISO 6400 of a generation ago. We are into age of super-efficiency. With these new cameras all is said and done.

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