Ricoh may introduce new Pentax K-mount lenses for the CP+ show in Japan

This is from the official seminar schedule on Ricoh Imaging for the 2017 CP+ show in Japan that will take place at the end of February – there are basically four sessions on the same topic and one of them suggests the possibilities of new K-mount lenses:

~新製品PENTAX KPからK-1、


Talk with Mr Tanaka and developers
The attraction of Pentax
New products from Pentax KP and K-1
to K-mount interchangeable lenses (tentative title)

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  • Zos Xavius

    Let’s hope!

  • TinusVerdino

    I expect at least three primes this year, maybe not all on CP+

  • Lightleak_101

    Yessss Do it!!!!

  • Kevin Z

    Anything regarding a new GR? I think we’re due an announcement for CP+?

    • Mistral75

      May be a bit later than CP+:

      – GR Digital: September 2005
      – GR Digital II: October 2007
      – GR Digital III: July 2009
      – GR Digital IV: September 2011
      – GR: April 2013
      – GR II: June 2015.

      • odemata

        Definitely looking forward to it

      • Rigoberto Garcia

        that last one (June 2015) didn’t count it was basically wifi. Please release another great one in feb please.

        • Zos Xavius

          Every other GR release has always been a very minor update. Just par for their course really.

    • tornwald

      I think the new KP might forshadow many features to be found in the new GR such as the same sensor and perhaps even the five-axis Shake Reduction System.

      • Rigoberto Garcia

        I would love at least some kind of leak of sorts.

      • Richard Jackson

        Would be nice to have that fancy SR actually work during video mode too…

        • Aekn

          I would prefer they remove video mode altogether and reduce the price.

          • Richard Jackson

            Ha, that’s funny.

            Given the code is already there, it will cost more to strip it out.

            Video uses the same sensor, same live view rear screen etc. Where do you think the savings are coming from?

  • Hopefully some upgraded 645 Lenses and some wider primes in the future as well. Medium format needs a bit more love with more competition.

    • tornwald

      Agreed. The 645Z is a very capable competitor for the Fuji GFX, but it need to step up it’s lens offering with modern high quality lenses.

      • Mike Baterly

        Not nearly enough of a competitor.

        • tornwald


          • Just trying to get a rise out of peeps. No true way to tell if the fuji can actually compete with the 645 since no raw files are out in the wild. For all we know it’s actually the same sensor. If Fuji comes out with a lot more lenses quickly though could bite into the 645z

      • SimenO

        Agreed. In competition with K-1 + f/1,4 primes, they should at least launch a couple of f/2,0 primes for 645, that is compatible with future FF 645 cameras.

  • Mike Baterly

    expecting 3 to be FA if they want to attract more buyers to the K1

    • ZMWT

      Something that is useful both for crop and ff. Therefore 24mm (35mm crop), 35mm (50mm crop) and 50mm (75mm crop) are quite nice numbers.

      • The FA 35/2 is out already. It would be nice to see an 85mm in the first place, it’d be my next buy after the 24-70. We can surely agree the FF system needs new primes at the moment.

        • SimenO

          The 18 year old FA35 lacks WR and could need a modernization of both optics, electronics and esthetics.

          The 18 year old FA77 does a good job as a 85mm, but I would like to see that replaced by a more modern 85mm with less lateral CA and purple fringing. The brand new Tamron 85/1,8 is an excellent lens that could be rebranded without Pentax brand loosing self respect.

          • Then, why the FA 35 is back on the catalogue. I think it’ll be still in production for a while. As you say, it’s likely that the next 85 will be the same scheme as the tamron 85/1.8… and who knows when we’ll see a D FA* 85/1.4.

  • ZMWT

    24, 35 and 50mm primes, all WR and with silent DC motors, well, that would be nice.

    • BP2012

      20mm is a must, f/2.8 or f/4.
      135mm f/2 also.
      Both with WR and DC.
      Everything else is optional but 50mm f/1.2 would be nice also.

      • For most people, 85, and 20 or 24 is a must. I assume many more people would be interested in an 85 f/1.4 than a 135.

  • Max

    Pentax can steal some canikon users by introducing affordable wide crop sensor primes.

    • SimenO

      Do you mean lowering the price of lenses like DA 15/4 and 21/3,2? I don’t think notably many will change from Canikon because of that. But I’m sure that would cut Pentax profits on those lenses.

      Btw, 2017 is the year of full frame primes.

  • jlauch


  • Szalatnyai István

    KAF4 normal zoom should come next to the 55-300 PLM.
    Hopefully something like 16-50/2.8 or the 17-70/F4 with DC and KAF4.
    I would buy any of them as a replacement for 16-45.

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