Pentax KP camera additional coverage: sample photos, size comparison and more

The Official Pentax KP sample photos can be found here, here and here (few more available at photolari). Ricoh posted also a new high ISO simulation/samples on this page. More KP sample photos and size comparisons from xitek:

The Pentax KP will be on display at the CP+ show:

→ Pre-order the Pentax KP DSLR for a chance to get one free ←

(more info here)

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  • Jordon Cooper

    It looks like Pentax is moving away from the sports/wildlife market where they didn’t have the glass to compete and shipping a camera that fits the lenses and glass they have. It may not be the camera that us K-3 II users wanted but it doesn’t look bad. It’s just a portrait/landscape/event camera which lines up with what Pentax has done. Let’s hope there is a market that wants that camera.

    • Zos Xavius

      Even in that light this is a significant downgrade in many ways. I would hope this isn’t all they have up their sleeve.

      • Joel Schalit

        Actually, you’re wrong. There are a lot of photojournalists, for example, who would get a lot out of this camera. The dedicated stills crowd is a real market, and there’s no reason Pentax shouldn’t try to cater to it. Think GR users, too, who don’t want a huge SLR, but have outgrown just using compacts.

        • Zos Xavius

          Oh I agree that this camera would suit a lot of people. I would enjoy having one for day to day shooting for instance. Yes there is a market. There is a market for people that want the features that came with the k-3 too though. Mainly a dedicated rear AF button, a top plate LCD to quickly see settings, a buffer that isn’t only 10 frames deep….oh and having battery life to get 1000 shots per battery is crucial for a lot of people. Yeah you can swap batteries, but I would rather just have a slightly bigger camera with bigger batteries. I prefer bigger cameras anyways and the K-3 is about the perfect size with a grip really. It balances well with long lenses easily and is a solid base for wide angles. This camera isn’t much lighter so it probably balances ok, but there are other things that are downgrades too. It definitely uses a louder shutter so that’s a step in the wrong direction there too. The K-5 IIs shutter super quiet and the K-3 isn’t much louder really.

          I’m not saying its a bad camera, but for a lot of professionals shooting pentax (yes they exist lol) this is not the camera they are looking for really. All we want is a K-3 with a newer sensor and better AF. Done. Pentax knows this and I doubt they would abandon one of their core markets like that.

          • Joel Schalit

            I’m a professional too, and I’m okay with this feature set. I’d estimate that over half of K3 users are enthusiasts who don’t need anything more than the features on the KP. I’m sure that’s what Ricoh was thinking. As long as the images are exceptional (I bet they are improved) users like you would migrate to the K1, if you have to, or would wait for a bigger APS-C with broader features. In that sense, this could be a popular and helpful camera, which has been noted before, is not a K3 replacement, and sits between the K1 and the K3. You could call it a K3 family SLR. Not a replacement.

          • Zos Xavius

            It has kind of warmed on me a lot. Yeah I could easily use this camera in most situations. I like it.

    • JGoodard

      Looks to be a nice upgrade on the old k5 series. I have a K5II, and I have really warmed to the KP.

  • Zos Xavius

    I like this camera but this is no flagship. Pentax needs to clarify their direction with this ASAP.

    • Jordon Cooper

      Since I made my post, Ricoh Imaging USA said this is NOT the replacement for the K-3 II

      • yes, it is not – I will do a separate post on this

  • Zos Xavius

    I know this has been contentious overall, but thank you for all of your coverage here and on photorumors. From all that I can tell this is not really intended to succeed anything and is in fact something new and different. It seems like the top plate lcd is the largest omission really since some of the custom buttons can likely be assigned to things that are missing like exposure lock if you were say using the back button for focus. All in all this is a pretty nice and solid offering with very little missing from the K-3 itself. I think people need to take a step back and look at this camera in a slightly different light and try to understand what pentax produced here. This is a homage to the Pentax AP. I really like the design and the attempt to make it as small as humanly possible. I like that they are addressing people’s endless complaints about grip size and just giving them the option to make it however they want. If the sensor is really good (and the k-70 was already just about class leading) then this will be a solid upgrade for many, many pentaxians. The price is in line with what all of their pro spec metal bodied cameras have cost in the past. Obviously if you just want a plain basic camera that takes great pictures, the k-70 is for you. It was good of them to take the risk on this I think and I hope it sells for them. Cue the haters.

    • 5857521ManitobaInc

      I already stated it is a nice little camera. just not for me.
      I can see a customer looking at this and some of the bigger 4/3 cameras and saying “I don’t care about video, I like this” and buying it.
      the fact is I shoot both stills and video and ALL Pentax has to do to get my money is recognize the panasonic G5 is going to be my next purchase unless they release a k3 with pro video specs, in which case Pentax will get my money.
      I can’t be the only guy that is sick and tired of running multiple camera systems for smaller low budget projects.

      • JGoodard

        Your spot on about the video. I have a k5 II which is perhaps a tad bit outsized to my 15 and 35 limiteds. I don’t shoot any vid and am now warming to the slightly smaller body of the KP. I am intrigued by the additional dials on the top. Build looks ever so slightly less rugged than my old k5, but otherwise tough enough. I have yet to roll my camera in mud or dunk in the local creek 🙂 The three main features that stand out for me are the 5-axis IS, DoF bracketing, and pixel shift. The battery grip is most welcome.

  • Richard Jackson

    Improve the piss poor video specs and I’ll buy whatever Pentax come up with.

    Genuinely wouldn’t take much: return the real mechanical stabilisation of the k-5/k-7, allow focus peaking to work during video capture, up the bit rates, allow a clean hdmi out for the more serious video crowd, and provide on screen audio peaking levels, so i can set external mic levels appropriately.

    Stick it in whatever body shape you want, just stop pushing out the same old 2012 spec, it’s 2017 now for gods sake!

  • audio

    uh i getting more and more drawn to pentax.
    would love a wide angle prime around 21mm for the K-1 or similar a 14mm for the KP…

  • Zsemle

    It really doesn’t matter how the marketing department positioned this camera in their lineup when it costs $2-300 more right now than a k-3II. With -let’s just say- not much more to offer. A comparable Nikon D7200 is also $200 cheaper.
    From my perspective, this is missing the usual pentax appeal; more quality and interesting stuff, for the same or less money.

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