Ricoh’s patent for a Bayer sensor without a color filter array

Ricoh has a new patent (2016-201400) field in Japan for a Bayer sensor without a color filter array (CFA) which should create sharper monochrome images.

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  • g_disqus

    I don’t understand Japanese, but I used google translate. I guess it’s like “flat” Foveon: there is only one layer, but every pixel uses photoelectric effect like in Foveon. But upper layers don’t shade bottom layers. Probably this sensor uses two times more information than classic bayer which exclude 2/3 of light for each color.

    • Mistral75

      Use J-PlatPat instead:

      – go to this page

      – enter the number of the patent, i.e. 2016-201400, in the second (from top to bottom) field on the right

      – click ‘Search’

      – click on the ‘JP,2016-201400,A’ hyperlink.

      You can then browse between ‘CLAIMS’, ‘DETAILED DESCRIPTION’ and ‘DRAWINGS’.

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