“Ricoh GR is one of our most important premium cameras. We want to reassure our GR lovers that the series will continue.”

If you missed the dpreview interview with Ricoh at Photokina (I shared it already on Facebook and Twitter few days ago), here is an interesting quote regarding the future of the GR line:

And, having discussed the Pentax K-1, 645Z and Theta, we wanted to check whether the company still has time for models such as the GR. Absolutely, says Saiki: ‘Ricoh GR is one of our most important premium cameras. We want to reassure our GR lovers that the series will continue.’

Might that extend to GRs with other focal lengths? ‘It depends,’ says Saiki: ‘we know we really appeal. We have so many GR lovers, it’s a very emotional attachment. That’s why we need to listen to customers about where we should go.’

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  • Narren Rot

    Yes! And maybe the new GR could be an actual improvement over the current model…

    • I feel the current GR is excellent. On so many levels from image quality to ergonomics. I love using it. Once I set it up to shoot how it all makes sense to me I haven’t had to change much. Man. I am happy to hear the line will continue.

      Only real problem and not for everyone is the dust reported on sensor. That could be improved.

      Sure, different focal lengths, more Mp’s, tilt screen, evf, faster and more precise autofocus, 24×36 sensor,…all would make a ‘different’ camera.

      Now there’s the Fujifilm version. And I tried Nikon’s coolpix A. I hope they do an update. The A was nice, but i bought the GR. The ergonomics on the Ricoh so much better. I did like the Nikon image quality, color. Used to it because I use a Nikon DSLR.

      I’d love to see Ricoh develop an ilc body with a small set of primes. Not a GR, different. Whatever. Why I recently bought an Olympus m5…that’s another story…

      • Spy Black

        I honestly fail to see the attraction of this camera and cameras of this ilk in 2016, soon to be 2017.

        • jonasyuan.com

          I love it for two reasons.
          It is a camera with DSLR image quality that I can bring at all times.

          It has a leaf shutter. Its therefore has a sync speed of 1/2500, great for outdoor flash photography.
          https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5a6f1994d97d4c44c00f926cd9b5182547577f3cde92768439d259fbf8889205.jpg ync

        • I know this type of camera isn’t for everyone. I was hesitant to buy it. But now I wouldn’t want to be without one. Still, fixed 28mm, you have to be ok with that. For me, street work, up close, in cafe’s, not frightening anyone with my DSLR, it is great.

          • Spy Black

            Yeah, but I do the same with my Panasonic GM5, and it’s smaller and less intimidating than even the GR, and I still have the luxury of interchangeable lenses.

            But whatever floats your boat, I guess…

          • El Aura

            Unless you carry your GM5 without a lens a more relevant picture would be: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d0bfdbae4a81ad48f50a4f082cef99adaa3b4445ea756d8e6ac7953d6dc44613.png
            When you want to slip your camera into small laptop bag or into the pocket of a dinner jacket, that difference matters.

          • Spy Black

            Actually, not as much as you may think. I’ve put it in my jeans pocket on occasion with it’s 12-32mm lens.

          • El Aura

            Well, that’s Your jeans pocket.

          • Spy Black

            And? While not as flat as the Ricoh, it’s still smaller, lighter, less invasive-looking, and far more versatile.

            But as I said earlier, whatever floats your boat.

          • El Aura

            I own an E-M5 and a RX100. Not exactly the same as a GM5 and a GR (GM5 is smaller than the E-M5 and the GR is thinner than the RX100). But they are two very different size classes for me. I can carry the RX100 in a laptop bag or a coat or jacket pocket without noticing it much (if at all in case of the former). I cannot do the same with my E-M5, even if I put a pancake lens on it. I take thinner over less wide any time when it comes to carrying a camera inconspiciously.

          • Spy Black

            Yeah, I think if cameras like this and the Coolpix A had at least a 2X zoom, I would find them more attractive. A fixed wide just doesn’t do it for me.

          • Piotr Krochmal

            Yes. For you better will be RX100 series. I choose GR for unbeatable image quality. K5IIs files in form of 2 x Iphone 4

          • Spy Black

            I have an RX100 III. Nice camera, until you drop it. Breaks instantly. First time cost me $200, just dropped it again 3 ft to a wooden floor, rear screen no longer works, body dented (again).

            You would think making a compact camera out of all metal is a great idea. It’s not. Plastic, that’s where it’s at. I don’t know how many times I’ve dropped my Canon S110 and Fuji E900 cameras, and they still work.


          • Piotr Krochmal

            exactly. only competitor is Nikon Coolpix A.

        • Eric Franklin Shook

          Then don’t buy one.

      • David

        Would a Ricoh ILC be different from a Pentax DSLR, or do you mean mirrorless? Ricoh did the GXR, which was a body very similar to that of the GR which had Interchangeable lens modules, even an EVF option. It didn’t sell amazingly well, though it had some decent lenses.

        • Mirrorless. Small as possible. Maybe like the size of Fujifilm xt10 or Sony a6300. But with ricoh DNA, maybe a body like their gxr.

          I never bought a gxr. Locking a great lens to a sensor never made sense to me considering, at the time, the evolving tech.

  • Piotr Krochmal

    I own GR. It is brilliant camera. I don’t know any better in this form factor.

  • John Joyce

    OK, Mr Saiki. You did ask.

    What the GR needs is a viewfinder. It does not need to be an EVF.

    In fact, a wire one that folds down might do the job very nicely.

    • Eric Franklin Shook

      OMG, no.

    • Harold GLIT

      well the advantage of the EVF is that if external people can choose to have it or not at no extra cost for those who do not need it

  • Eric Franklin Shook

    (Four Changes ONLY)
    – new sensor
    – lower f-stop
    – higher sync speeds
    – 180° flip screen (we’d get over it)

    If you want more, you obviously don’t love your Ricoh like I do, and you should go look at Fuji, Sony, and Panasonic and not ruin my beloved camera.

    • Raist3d

      Nothing wrong with having different GR, with different focal lengths. You could even call it Ricoh ER (extended R) if you want, whatever, just different focals.

  • Simon Goodchild

    Weatherproof it and add a flipscreen.

  • The Black Brick

    All that the Rico GR needs is some weatherproofing, f2 instead of 2.8 would be awesome and that is it.
    Also a sister in the range of a 50mm lens (same body style, same everything) that would be amazing!!!
    I think having that i would probably sell any other camera I might have and just be a full time Ricoh shooter.

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