New low price on the Ricoh GR II camera

Ricoh GR compact camera old model
Ricoh GR II camera sale
The Ricoh GR II camera is currently on sale at B&H for $619 – a new low price.

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  • RU

    Any rumours on GRii’s replacement? Full frame? EVF?

    • I have not heard anything, but maybe at Photokina in September.

    • Zos Xavius

      I doubt it will be FF but an evf would be nice. Some sealing too.

      • RU

        Even a cheap optical VF like the original film GR (with AF confirmation) is more welcome than not having a VF! And better sealing of course. Pixel shift technology would also be nice to have.

        • Zos Xavius

          Pixel shift would require IBIS, which would be very welcome indeed. The GR is unstabilized so yeah. You do realize they make an optical viewfinder accessory right? I think it has frame lines for the wide angle (22mm) adapter which is also very good optically. The GR lens is so insanely sharp anyways that it can lose some resolution.

          • RU

            Yeah IBIS will be a fine addition to GR and will increase its shooting envelope. Also if the resolution goes up from the current 16 megapixels to say 24 or 32 megapixels, then stabilisation will be useful in good light conditions too.

          • Zos Xavius

            It will be almost essential. That kind of pixel density does not hide camera shake very well at all.

  • Marta

    still too pricy for me, would love that to replace my K-5 πŸ™

  • Sergio Arturo

    My desired Ricoh GR: full frame, compact as posible (as they do in the actual GR) and Pentax quality sealing.

  • yeah right

    GR is the sharpest photo tool in the draw, weather sealing, better video and an F2.0 lens would be a killer combo. Everything else is perfect.

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