Pentax K-1 updates (user manual, sample photos and more)

Pentax K-1 sensor
Pentax K-1 camera parts

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  • Spy Black

    I’ll expect the K1 to be a great performer, but boy is that thing clunky. The APS-C Ks are so much nicer looking in comparison.

    • silmasan

      And dammit, their entry level K-50 has two control dials! How could I recommend D3x00/5×00 to a student?

      • Spy Black

        Time marches on.

        • silmasan

          Whoops, that’s supposed to be a reply to my own comment. I blame you for mentioning the APS-C Ks. :p

  • silmasan

    I can feel the wind of joy blowing from the Pentaxland. 🙂

    …OK Nikon, what’s next?

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