Two new Pentax history posters released

There are two new Pentax history posters currently available as a free download:

Thanks for the tip Markus!

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Rumors: Pentax K-1 will come with a 2 years warranty next week

Pentax is about to announce a new K-1 camera promo deal in the US where K-1 cameras sold will come with a 2 years warranty while the price will remain unchanged (currently the Pentax K-1 comes with a 1-year warranty). This new promo will start next week. Also, Pentax will soon be marketing a new combo “camera and lens kit” featuring the K1 body and the 28-105mm lens for a discount price (see the kit here – it will also include the 2 years K1 warranty).

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Pentax K-3 II camera bundle on sale at Adorama

Adorama is currently selling the Pentax K-3 II DSLR camera with the AF-200FG flash and D-BG5 battery grip for $899 (33% off) with free expedited shipping.

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Additional Pentax KP coverage

Additional Pentax KP coverage:

  • Pentax KP shutter sound comparison with other Pentax DSLR cameras and more hands-on video reports:

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Pentax KP operating manual now available for download

The Pentax KP operating manual is now available for download:

The Pentax KP DSLR camera was announced two weeks ago and is expected to start shipping on February 24th.

Check out also this Pentax KP camera giveaway:

Pentax KP camera giveaway

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The black Pentax K-70 camera is now $50 off

The black version of the Pentax K-70 DSLR camera is now $50 off at B&H ($614.79 at Adorama). The silver version is still priced at $646.95.

The Pentax K-70 camera was announced in June, 2016.

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Top 10 PentaxRumors posts for January 2017

These are the top 10 most visited PentaxRumors posts for January, 2017:

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